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A Smarter Way of Handling School Fees.


SmartaPay’s unique billing and payment solution will ease the administrative burden of “fee season” and other receivables for Schools and Colleges.


Our School specific product is designed to streamline your invoicing and reconciliation process and dramatically reduce administration costs of both time and money.


SmartaPay's seamless integration with your School Administration Packages will not complicate any existing office procedures. By integrating with your accounting system, the SmartaPay Payment Solution allows your School to offer a wide variety of payment options without additional infrastructure costs.


Furthermore SmartaPay can be fully customised to suit your particular needs, and has the capability of expanding as new technology and requirements evolve.


With SmartaPay there are no set up or administration fees. Additionally as SmartaPay is bank independent that are no changes required to your Schools existing banking arrangements. 


All aspects of SmartaPay are designed to reduce the amount of time spent processing and reconciling payments, resulting in dramatic savings of both time and money.