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A Smarter Total Payment Solution.

The SmartaPay solution was created to improve the way that universities provide facilities for students and other payers to make payments and to efficiently receipt and reconcile these payments in university systems.

The SmartaPay solution spans the following aspects:

  • Online payment facilitation (pay for anything online)
  • Online debt presentment
  • Settlement of payment collections
  • Payment reconciliation
  • Receipting into backend systems

SmartaPay solves many issues that arise for both Universities and their Students including:

  • No single online area available to customers to pay and view all debts, including Trade Debtor Invoices, Parking Permits and infringements.
  • Inconsistency of payment options, only allowing certain payment options for certain payment types. i.e. BPAY exclusively for Student Fee payments.
  • Individual payment options are expensive to set up.
  • Real time payment information is increasingly becoming the expectation. If student sanctions exist real time payment advice can reduce both student frustration and time spent by university staff dealing with student enquiries/complaints.
  • Cashier payments often constitute a significant percentage of student payments and remain the most labour intensive and inefficient payment option.