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Client Testimonials


“The SmartaPay solution has significantly reduced my workload since its implementation as the billing solution at St Hildas private school. I have every confidence in the SmartaPay solution and the service that it delivers to our accounts department. The substantial technological advancement to our accounts department has been achieved with no capital outlay, no major changes to our business processes and with minimal requirements in staff training. ”

Wendy Helling

St Hildas School



“The SmartaPay payments solution has allowed Clayfield College to streamline receipting processes both electronically and physically.  The ease with which receipts from all payment methods are downloaded daily and automatically processed into TASS has significantly reduced staff workloads. The efficiency achieved means I now have more timely management information available.  In addition, minimal training is required for new and existing staff members.”                 

Vilma Helling 

Clayfiled College