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Settlement Delivery

One of the challenges in achieving consistency across payment options as new products are created is facilitating the receipting into the appropriate backend systems. This can be a costly exercise which is often why all payment options are not provided for all products. The SmartaPay Settlement Delivery System solves this problem by providing a simple means to integrate into any backend system, the Receipt Transfer Agent module.  This module provides a pluggable connector architecture and includes out of the box a connector that distributes receipt data to back end systems via industry-standard web service interfaces. The Settlement Delivery System takes away the job of securely receiving settlement data and martialling into a useful form.

The SmartaPay solution has the concept of destination systems built into it throughout the Smart Cart and Settlement Delivery System. This enables the Receipt Transfer Agent to know the backend destination for every item of receipt data. When a settlement arrives for a cart order spanning multiple back end systems the Receipt Transfer Agent will split the appropriate data out sending the relevant receipt lines to each backend.