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System Features and Benefits


Multiple Solutions One Easy System



SmartaPay is integrated with your School Administration Package to make reconciliation easier. This will reduce staff stress, the need for new software and any associated training cost. Additionally as all transaction data is provided in the specific format your School Administration Package requires, SmartaPay eliminates double handling of payment information and costly data entry errors.


Identifies ALL Payments:


SmartaPay identifies all payments, Schools are able to generate invoices or fee statements for incidentals as well as regular payments. Including excursions, uniforms, boarding fees, registrations, etc while at the same time allocating the payment to the appropriate account. Forever putting an end to mysterious and unidentified payments in your account.



SmartaPay has developed the smart solution to make donation reconciliation easier than ever before. SmartaPay custom built this solution to allow for standard school fees and donations for the building fund or special projects to be automatically and individually handled as part of just one payment from your Parents. This solution reduces the amount of time required to manage this important source of funding whilst maximising the value.


No Changes Required:

SmartaPay is bank independent, which means no changes are required to your existing banking arrangements; rather SmartaPay is an add-on service that allows additional payment processing options without additional infrastructure costs.



Many Schools hold credit card authorities to debit before fees are due. How much time is spent going through the files, manually processing the payments through an EFTPOS machine and then manually receipting the Payment into your School Administration Package? SmartaPay’s Autobalance Direct Debit Solution takes care of it all – automatically!


Multiple Payment Options:

Our Payment Options give your Parents the ultimate control over their finances. By choosing the payment option that suits them best, you are reducing the likelihood of late payments.