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SmartaPay’s experience is in providing fully integrated end to end billing and payment solutions to Schools and Colleges. Providing solutions to cater for all types of payers and payment options, from online Internet payments to paying fees over the counter, and to deliver this solution in a single interface to your School.


By removing the stress and strain of chasing payments, you and your staff will be able to concentrate on the day to day activities of your School, safe in the knowledge that you’re getting paid.


For your Parents, SmartaPay offers the ultimate in flexibility. SmartaPay is the most comprehensive system in Australia bringing together six  popular payments options as a single offering for your School. By offering Parents the ultimate in flexibility and control over their finances, we have made it easier for them to pay, and easier for you to get paid.

SmartaPay is able to meet your requirements of a streamlined invoicing and reconciliation process in addition to greater flexibility for Parents, whilst being a cost effective and efficient solution.